Do You Love God? How Much?

Love is shown by obedience…

If you ask anyone today if they love God, most of the time the answer will be “Yes.”  Most people say it, but they sure don’t show it.  The way you show God that you love Him is to do what He wants you to do.  Jesus said in John 14:15, “If ye love me, keep my commandments.”  You love God as much as you obey Him.

Much obedience = Much love

Little obedience = Little love

No obedience = No love.

Some basic commands that God gives to His children are to be baptized (to follow His example, not for salvation!), to go to church, and to tell others about what Christ has done for them.

How much have you shown God that you love Him?  The old adage is so true, “Actions speak louder than words.”  We can say we love the Lord all we want, but how much do we prove it by obeying Him?  How much we love God will be shown by how much we obey His commands.

In talking about our love and service for the Lord, we need to always remember that this has nothing to do with our salvation.  He has already done the work for our salvation.  (John 19:30)  All we have to do is accept His free gift of Heaven.   (Rom 5:16)  If we could get to Heaven on our own works and merit, why did Jesus have to suffer and die for us?

I hope that you will show Him that you love Him, by obeying Him and serving Him.  He is worthy and deserves so much more!