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7 Infallible Proofs Of Inspiration
A Letter From Gregg Nash on the Inspiration Issue
Answers to 70 Apparent Discrepencies in the KJB
Greek Text Behind the Different Bibles
Have you Seen the KJB changes
The Two Lies About Inspiration
The Words Of Ashdod by Dr Monte Watts
Understanding the Misunderstood History of the English Scriptures
What Dr Jack Hyles Said About The King James Bible
What is Inspiration by Dr Joe Koenig


King James Bible PowerPoint

Corrupt Lexicons and the Follies of KJB Degractors
How to Study the Word of God
Inspiration and Translation For All Nations
Your KJB Is Not Full of Errors
Your New Age Bible Versions Power Point
The Language of the King James Bible
Hidden History of the English Bible