A Biblical Basis for the Study of Baptist History
An Unbiased Baptist
Are You A Baptist or Just A Fundamentalist
Baptism The Question That Makes The Christian What He Is
Baptist Decay Because of Sinful Sentimentalism
Colonial Baptists
Defensive War In A Just Cause Sinless
How The Baptists Affected American History
I Don’t Go To A Whore Church
Infallible Proofs That Your King James Bible Is Inspired
Salvation By Grace Through Faith In The Bible
Soul Liberty Article for Master’s Degree
Soul Winning Baptists Before the Reformation
The Biblical Baptist Pattern of Church Planting
The Problem with Ignorance of Our Heritage
The Real St Patrick
The Unofficial Start of the Dark Ages
The Theological Mindset for Murder Article
Understanding Separation of Church and State
You Must Apply the First Lesson of Baptist History to Your Life


"Baptist Church History Chart"
Baptist Church History Chart


"Baptists In America History Poster"
Baptists In America History Poster