Children’s Sunday School Songs I

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1I'm In The Lord's Army
212 Disciples
3Complete In Him
4Three Wise Men
5Jesus God's Son
6God Told Noah Build An Ark
7Mr Noah Built a Boat
8There Was a Man Named Jonah
9Praise Him, Praise Him
10Cheer Up Ye Saints of God
11The Devil Wants Everybody Grumpy
12Zacheous was a wee litttle man
13Up, Down Zacheous
14Here Comes Jesus
15Walk, Walk, Walk the Bible Way
16With Christ In My Vessel
17Behold, Behold
18Call On The Name of the Lord
19I've Been Redeemed
20Stand Up and Be Glad You're a Christian
21For He's a Wonderful Saviour
22Amen, Brother Amen
23Oh Hosanna
24Old Time Religion
25The Woman at the Well
26The Wise Man Built His House
27Read, Read, Read The Word
28He's My Friend
29Life Is A Symphony
30Damascus, Damascus
31My Bible I Left On The Church Bus
32It Isn't Any Trouble
33Bananas, Coconuts and Grapes
34The Bird Song
35Potato Chip Potato Chip
36Do Right
37Jesus Loves The Little Children
38God Is So Good